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Welcome to KeyBobs! 

Welcome to KeyBobs!


I designed the KeyBob because I had pocketful of work keys on a traditional keyring, and I was tired of holes in my pockets and getting uncomfortable pokes from my keys. The KeyBob is designed to tame those keys. The sleek shape will glide in and out of your pocket. Each key is safely tucked away, safe in the KeyBob, ready to swing out - jack knife style when needed.


Your KeyBob is the result of a year of intensive “play testing”with different key users and configurations, and represents an evolution of at least five major design changes. For most models, I use colorful acrylic plastic. This is designed to make your keys easier to find. For especially rough usage, (power users) I make a version out of a more impact resistant plastic. Unfortunately, this rough use version is available in white only.


You might notice that the two sides of your KeyBob have a different cut-out. The cut-out is to assist in accessing the keys and help in swinging them out. The different sides let you navigate to always find the right key. I have put colored caps on my keys, so I have even less problem finding the right key. ( these can be found anywhere you’d buy keys )


Some keys have holes which are too small for the posts. If this is the case for your keys, they can be easily drilled out with a 1/4” drill bit. Keys are made of soft brass, so even a hand held screw-gun can easily drill them. (Please take all safety precautions when using any power tool ) Alternatively, a needle file, some elbow grease and a little patience will also get the job done.


Most building / institution keys - like my University ones, will work perfectly with no modification.


Car keys with a plastic head are a very different problem. I keep mine on a separate, traditional key ring.


You can put a spring clip on one of the posts of your KeyBob to clip this key ring to your KeyBob - to keep it all together. I also carry a USB thumb drive on my KeyBob.


I enclose 2 - 1/2” post extensions to give additional space for your KeyBob. This will allow you to put more keys on the KeyBob, but will make it thicker. (possibly too thick for some pockets.) Other lengths of binding posts can be found at most hardware stores. They come in lengths from 1/4” to 3”.


To assemble your KeyBob, unscrew the posts by grabbing both ends and twisting. Put one post through one side of the KeyBob, stack some keys on, put the other side on ( matching ) and screw the post together. Now do the other side. (I stack mine with the jaggy parts of the key facing inwards.)


Once you’ve got the KeyBob assembled with your keys, you might notice the post-screw loosens. I found a drop of thread lock will tighten it up just enough. ( and you can still get your keys out if needed)


Go forth and enjoy your KeyBob.

Let me know how your KeyBob experience is. 


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